Best Boots for Concrete Floors

In this post we’ll explore how to choose the Best Boots for Concrete floors and surfaces. Start by taking a few seconds to think about the last time you bought work boots. Did you spend a lot of time considering all of the options? Did you take the time to try on many different styles and get a feel for the boots? Or did you buy the same pair you’ve worn for years? Maybe your wife or girlfriend ordered them for you online…maybe you walked into the store and said “Gimmee the usual!” Regardless of your last purchase, it’s time to take a more educated approach to purchasing work boots…especially for those of you who work on hard floors and surfaces like concrete or pavement all day.

Ten years ago the choices were simple. Steel or soft toe…insulated or uninsulated…6″ or 8″…black, brown or wheat. But today’s work boot manufacturers are at war with each other developing the latest technologies. As new tech is introduced to consumers it’s become a race to make the most comfortable styles ever, including the Best Boots for Concrete floors and surfaces. So take a look at our top picks below and see what we mean when say…do yourself a big favor and pay attention to the details.

1.  Timberland PRO 52562 Endurance Work Boot

If you’re working or standing all day on a hard surface like concrete you won’t want to pass up our #1 pick. The 52562 by Timberland PRO is full of the latest features and technology like a double rubber toe for abrasion resistance, anti-fatigue midsole and a fiberglass shank for lightweight puncture protection. Low-profile rubber outsole is slip, heat, oil and abrasion-resistant. Finish with an anti-microbial lining for combating sweat and smell and you’ve got yourself a top pick!



2.  Wolverine W04825 Buccaneer Multishox Boot

Join the thousands of Wolverine lovers worldwide who have come to depend on the most famous work boot brand around. A few years back Wolverine developed it’s MultiShox line of work boots, a step up from the DuraShocks collection. The W04825 Buccaneer is top of the class with it’s OrthoLite performance arch support footbed and contour welt construction. This style is soft toe, but is also available in safety toe version. A great choice for the hard-working professional doing the job on concrete or pavement.



3. Carolina LT651 6″ Lytning Composite Toe Boot

Rounding out the top picks of Best Boots for Concrete is a hi-tech style from Carolina. The LT651 features a carbon composite safety toe but more importantly an external injection molded arch support system for long days on hard surfaces. A non-metallic shank provides optimum protection against underfoot punctures and allows for lightweight stability. Topped off with Carolina’s waterproof ScubaLiner technology, the LT651 is an ideal choice for the working professional walking and standing on concrete.


Our choices above are just a sampling of the types of work boot styles you should look for to use on hard surfaces. The most important features include the type of cushioning and support systems the boot uses. Manufacturers like Timberland PRO, Wolverine and Carolina are way ahead of the game. An important note to mention is to avoid higher logger-style heels for use on concrete or pavement…these styles are made for the dirt and mud and will bring on slew of leg, back and neck pain if used entirely on a flat, hard surface.

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