The Best Nursing Shoes Around

Somewhere right now a nurse is working a double shift. Somewhere right now a nurse is skipping their lunch break to service the patient they care for. Somewhere right now a nurse is missing out on their child’s dance recital  covering a sick coworkers shift. Inevitably somewhere right now a nurse is complaining about their sore arches and uncomfortable feet wishing their shift was over.

The Best Nursing Shoes

Everyone knows nurses are on their feet 90 % of their shift. Have you ever met a nurse with a pedometer? Nurses blaze mile markers in their shoes. Clopping around all day or night back and forth usually on a hard concrete floor.

Out loud they are asking patients “How do you feel today.” In their minds they are screaming at the top of their lungs “I need foot rub. My feet are killing me. Does anyone care?.”

At Family Footwear Center we care about your feet . We know you work hard and many of you need a comfortable and supportive shoe to get you through those long grueling shifts. We know it is difficult to put a smile on your face when your feet are throbbing.

Here are a couple of our best nursing shoe favorites. These popular nursing shoes have been dubbed The Best Nursing Shoes by many of our hard working customers. Take a look, maybe your next favorite is here.

Dansko White Box Nursing Shoe

Dansko White Box Nursing Shoe

Looking for long lasting support and a firm arch for your tired feet? Dansko Professional hand stapled clogs are just the shoe to keep you going. Dansko’s Professional handstapled clogs feature an anti-fatigue rocker bottom and a roomy toe box. They are easy to slip on and provide superior shock absorption. Millions of nursing professionals wear Dansko clogs day in and day out.  Dansko’s stapled outsole carries the Seal of Acceptance from the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association). If you enjoy easy slip in comfort and high firm arch support our customers recommend a Professional Hand Stapled Dansko Clog. They are produced in a vast array of colors and materials for men, women, and children too!

Timberland Pro Renova Caregiver White

Timberland Pro Renova Caregiver White

Timberland Pro knows hard working professionals are on their feet all day and night. Timberland Pro knows a comfortable lightweight shoe is a requirement for long shifts. The Timberland Pro Renova Caregiver shoe is easy to slip on and ultra light. When working as a nurse or any other medical profession it is common  to get “stuff” on your shoes. The Caregiver’s upper is produced with a polyurethane that is super easy to wash off. It features a low profile for high surface contact. The Timberland Pro Renova Caregiver shoes are offered in more colors and can dress up your scrubs.

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