Top Winter Work Boots for 2014

If you currently work or have ever worked outside enduring the elements, you know how impossible it might seem to keep your toes all toasty warm while still protecting your feet appropriately for your job. But this year, don’t worry, because we’re here to help you find a work boot that fulfills your job needs and will keep your feet warm and dry, no matter how low the temperatures drop this winter.

Carolina waterproof insulated bootThe Carolina Waterproof Insulated Boot

Of course, anything with both “waterproof” and “insulated” in the product name is going to keep you warm and dry all winter, but the Carolina Waterproof Insulated Boots provide so much more than that for anyone on the job outdoors.

These boots are just 6″ high with a leather exterior, so they won’t restrict your movement in any way while you work, plus they provide enough insulation to keep your feet warm for hours on end. Their slip-resistant soles will provide you with the protection you need if you work in an icy or wet environment, and the entire shoe is waterproof.

Plus, they’re as durable and reliable as your favorite summertime Carolina work boots, but provide all of this extra cold-weather protection to boot (no pun intended!).

Chippewa Bay Apache Steel Toe BootChippewa Bay Apache Steel Toe Boots

Chippewa is always a popular brand of work boot, but did you know that they’re just as good, if not better, in the winter as they are throughout the rest of the year?

The Chippewa Bay Apache boots are made in the USA, so you know they’re going to be high quality. They offer a removable orthotic lining with a waterproof insole to keep your feet comfortable, cushioned and dry all according to your own personal preferences. The waterproof leather exterior will keep your entire foot shielded from wetness while the steel toe that you so love in your other Chippewa boots sits comfortably in the front end of these boots. Plus, the boots are well-insulated for added warmth for your entire foot and ankle.

These boots are electrical hazard rated, too, so you know that your feet will be protected no matter the job you’re working on. Plus, you’ll be warm, comfortable and dry – what more could you really ask for in a winter work boot?

Timberland Pro EH Insulated BootTimberland Pro EH Insulated

Timberlands, again, are always one of our top-rated products, but their winter work boot, the Pro EH Insulated, provides warmth and protection that not every other Timberland boot can offer you.

The rugged lug outsoles of these Timberland Pro boots offer you slip-resistant protection in any wet environment you may encounter on the job, plus they’re EH (Electrical Hazard) rated, so you’re fully protected from any plugs or circuits that you may be dealing with at work. The interior cushioning on these boots is there for the professional who spends hours on their feet – cushions that keep you comfortable and free of aches and pains on those long-standing days.

The leather exterior is of the same quality that you’re used to in other Timberland boots, 200g of insulation on the interior set these boots apart in the warmth department.

Chippewa Bay Apache Super Logger BootsChippewa Bay Apache Super Logger Boots

You’re used to the Chippewa quality and durability, and these Super Logger boots are among the best-sellers in this line, even during the winter seasons. Why? Because these boots boast Vibram outsoles that provide the best in slip-resistant quality, plus thick interior lining that will give you warmth like no other boot can in the winter.

There’s a removable cushioned orthotic insert in these boots, too, that lets you choose the comfort level of your feet depending on how long you’ll be standing for while you work, and the steel toe will and EH rated exterior will always keep your feet and toes as protected as they’ll get all winter long!

Wolverine Waterproof Insulated BootsWolverine Waterproof Insulated Boots

These Wolverine boots will almost have you wishing you could work outside for longer periods of time all winter – almost!

The Waterproof Insulated boots by Wolverine will keep your feet toasty warm all day at work with their waterproof thermal foam insulation, plus permanent direct-attach molding will seal out any wetness all the way around and up the whole boot. These boots are 8″ high, so they’ll protect more of your ankles and calves against the cold and snow, but they’re made of lightweight nylon and waterproof pig skin that will prevent any fatigue associated with thicker leather outers.

With a removable full-support cushion inside the boot, and a price that’s hard to beat (under $100 here at Family Footwear Center!), these Wolverine boots are a great “bang for your buck” in terms of a high-quality, durable and warm winter work boot.

So when you shop for your work boots this winter, we hope you’ll come to us to see our great selection of these boots, plus many others, or check out our selection online. You work hard enough all winter, so your boots should do the work keeping your feet warm, comfortable, dry and protected this cold season!

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