Top Choices: Best Mining Boots

There aren’t many jobs in this world tougher than mining. The exhausting work coupled often with hazardous work conditions and long, grueling hours make working in this lucrative industry worthwhile for many men and women. Having the best equipment for the job can be the difference between a good day in the mine and a bad day.

In this post we’ll take a look at some of the Best Mining Boots around and explore the various features and materials used in producing the toughest footwear below or above ground. Hold on tight for a ride down into the mines of tough work boots and unearth the details of this expedition.

1. Timberland PRO 95557 14″ Mining Boot

Timberland Pro 95557 14" Mining Boots

Worn by few, adored by thousands…the Timberland PRO 95557 mining boot is 14 inches of pure, raw technology. This boot makes our #1 top spot for all the right reasons. Built for the most extreme conditions, the 95557 features  full-grain and abrasion-resistant Ever-Guard leathers and Timberland Pro’s seamless rubber toe protector. A waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane, antimicrobial lining treatment, zoned insulation and Goodyear welt construction make this style the best mining boot around. 3M reflective Scotchlite logos and piping give you the ultimate visibility.


2. Lacrosse Longwall 10″ Mining Boot

Our runner-up in the Best Mining Boots category is none other than the Lacrosse Longwall 10″ style. The feature we love best on this boot is the triple-stitched construction which  makes the Longwall one of the most durable and long-lasting styles on the market. A 100% waterproof  and breathable Gore-Tex membrane paired with a lightweight, non-metallic safety toe give this mining boot all the bells and whistles. Steel shank and puncture-resistant midsole keep your feet protected.



3.  Rocky HAM 6900 13″ Mining Boot

World-renowned for quality, style, function and comfort, Rocky has hit a home-run with the HAM 6900 mining boot in 13″ height. One of the best features is the polyurethane internal met-guard which makes squatting and bending MUCH easier. A rugged safety toe with puncture-resistant technology and hi-vis elements give the 6900 the 3rd spot in our Best Mining Boots competition. Gore-Tex waterproof membrane provides dry feet day in and out.



Here they are…the top 3 best mining boots in the industry with all of the features the job demands. Not to mention these styles are some of the most comfortable and supportive work boots your feet will ever know. Take to the mines with the top-rated boots by the most reputable brands around. You give the job your all, let your footwear do the same for you.

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